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PPF Paint Protection Film

Ultimate protection with ease of maintenance.

We know Australia has some of the most challenging and toughest roads in the world. Added to this, our environment also produces a lot of damage to vehicles such as stone chips, UV sun fade and oxidation.

We provide commercial grade PPF Paint Protection Film for Trucks, Equipment and Busses as well as high touch areas that can be found on the interior surfaces of many businesses, trains and public transport.

PPF Film is designed to protect paintwork, bullbars, bumper bars, fuel tanks, glass and other surface areas.

Film is hydrophobic and some grades are self-healing, all of which will make maintenance a breeze and reduce cleaning times.


Key Benefits of PPF Film

  • Keep your vehicle looking better for longer
  • UV stable film, non-yellowing and with self-healing properties
  • Protect your investment for years to come
  • Wash less and reduce lengthy cleaning times
  • Virtually invisible
  • Save $$$ on lease return and fleet management costs

Key industries we help

Mass Transport: Buses, Rail, Trains

Small Transport: Taxis, Ride-share and Private Cars

Industrial and marine surfaces

Almost any metal, ceramic, plastic, or polymer surface

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key benefits of PPF Film?

Paint Protection PPF films mould to the vehicles surface. They seal in the paint finish and can add an extra level of gloss, while adding a self-healing layer that is both durable and scratch resistant. Brilliant for high impact areas and those prone to scuffs and damage. PPF offers you the ability to protect the look of the vehicle without altering the colour.

Prevent stone chip damage and scuff marks in high impact areas. Modern films are non-yellowing and UV stabilised with a degree of self-healing ability while remaining optically clear.

Protects the long term appearance and value of vehicles.
Ideal for leasing, company vehicles, transport and trucking companies.

What products are available?

We work with the best film suppliers for their protection and longevity properties. They are all optically clear, UV stabilised and non-yellowing. The film is 0.5mm thick and can self-heal over time from wash marks, swirls and minor abrasion impacts with exposure to heat from the sun or can be accelerated with expert help from one of our technicians. Once applied it’s difficult to detect and is 100% removable if required. The film holds tight to the vehicle surface and with its UV stabilised properties provides lasting stone chip, abrasion and light paint damage protection while looking sharp and smooth.

What areas should I do?

Our technicians will talk with you about how you use your vehicle, and this will help to determine which options best suits your needs long term.

Talk to us about what areas best suit your needs, and about our package options.

How long does it last?

With built-in UV protection and self-healing properties, our PPF films help protect the long-term value and appearance of any vehicle. UV stabilised film can last for many years with up to 7 to 10-year manufacturer warranties. What’s more, with our PPF maintenance care packs we can help you keep it looking like new.

What vehicles can be done?

Basically, any vehicle including vans, trucks and even buses can benefit from PPF film in high-impact areas. Each vehicle design has weak spots where stone chips are more likely to occur.

A sincere thanks for excellent service

I sincerely thank David & his team for the excellent service provided. Will recommend their service, their mannerisms were outstanding & their professionalism displayed. A special thanks to Cameron for keeping to his word & work done, going for the extra mile. Highly appreciated.

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Nerie Govender, Brisbane
Would highly recommend

Went for a full car detail (inside and outside) my car came out looking almost brand new and so shiny… Would highly recommend and will be returning there in the future with my car’s needs. Thanks again guys!!!!

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Tash Hunter

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