How to Remove Water Spot Stains

Water spot stains on clear coat normally result from

  • Hard water contamination when washing.
  • Not drying the car back after cleaning.
  • Environmental contaminants.

While water spot stains are annoying, they are not the end of the world. They can make a good vehicle look ugly very quickly. What’s more, as time progresses they slowly etch into the clear coat. Removing water spots comes with its own set of problems. Some people have even tried using a scouring pad on the clear coat. Not good; and not recommended.

While others have tried I what must have been a kitchen paste cleaner on a nearly new BMW. More people are using hydrofluoric acid. Just do a google search to see what that will do to your skin, never mind your car. Our processes use a gentle solution that breaks the bond between the water spots and the paint surface. We follow this with a cut and polish detailing to restore the gloss.

Water Spots and Coatings
While there are many protective paint coatings. It’s is important to note that they are not likely to stop water spotting. However, they will make it easier to remove them.
Application of sacrificial protective layer like DuraSeal or OptiCoat Pro will help significantly. However, regular paint surface cleaning and waxing will also help for non-coated vehicles.


And restore that new car shine.

How we remove water spots.

We remove water stains from your vehicles paintwork with a specialised protective solution (not hydrofluoric acid) that over a period of 20-30 minutes gently releases the bond between the stain and clear coat. Leaving a dramatically better if not stain free surface to polish to back to a showroom shine. A badly water stained vehicle (as in the images) can take about 6hrs. However, the results speak for themselves.

We finish off the reconditioning, normally with a paint sealant like Dura-Seal, Opti Coat. Feel free to contact a specialised operator to discuss removing water spots form your cars clear coat.

Water Spot Removal Gallery

Removal of sulphur rain water spots from a late model Nissan. The water spots were heavily etched into the protective DuraSeal layer. However, having DuraSeal on the clear coat helped to protect the vehicle and made restoration a simple, stress free process for the owner.

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